MediTree Healthcare on Achilles’s Approved Supplier’s List

MediTree Healthcare have passed the registration and evaluation process (explained below) and are now Achilles approved and fully registered, making us a potential supplier for any buyers who wish to source us for contract opportunities.

Achilles is a globally recognized and endorsed certification scheme that ensures quality results and performance across the supply chain in a variety of industries. It provides the transparency and trust for suppliers and buyers to work together.

Approximately 800 of the world’s biggest purchasing organizations and 90,000 major suppliers are presently members of the Achilles network, which includes over 40 distinct communities across 11 business sectors.

It provides an in-depth and rigorous compliance program that evaluates every single area of your organization, including (in a nutshell):

  • Health and Safety
  • Environment (sustainability)
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Quality systems and data security, including GDPR compliance.

We are really delighted to announce that we are Achilles Accredited and have received almost top marks in all assessment categories. We have set review dates and will implement a continuous improvement program to guarantee that we are doing better and better with each review.

MediTree Healthcare has been a member of the Achilles Network and-approved company since 2023. We are also a fully registered as a supplier on the Achilles Global Energy community which is compliant with NORSOK and IOGP requirements. As part of the process, a registration form was completed to promote the company to customers in the oil and gas industry via Achilles.  MediTree Healthcare had to declare their services, and business strategy in specific categories. 

On the Achilles directory, consumers can now search for suppliers, such as our company, that meet their specifications, reducing the time and expense of recurrent searches.

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